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Watched the Video from Google on How Long SEO Takes

Its hard work and takes time - taking short cuts will hurt you in the long run πŸ™

Are You Even Ready To Start Search Engine Optimisation

This is complicated and that is where we help.


Online marketing for your website can quickly add to be an expensive bill, particularly when you can never find prices online.

At Premium IT Solutions we ensure website costs are minimized as much as possible to ensure you gain an appealing profit margin for your business.
We understand the costs associated with online marketing aren't ideal and will offer our services for the most competitive prices.

Get in contact now, everyone knows websites are your only 24Hr Salesperson,
why not give it a bit of help?

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Packages and Services

Your website being found on the internet is really determined by how well your website ranks. The higher up on the page in the search engines listings
means you will receive more visitors to your site.

Do we guarantee Page 1 results? No! Any company who does, is trying to scam you!

The internet is a bit like weight loss. If you try to shortcut the system it just isn’t going to work in the long term.
You might lose some weight quickly but in 4 to 8 weeks your weight bounces back on.

Search engine traffic can be very beneficial to growing your business. If you are at the top of the first page on Google
for a search term than you can expect to get 10 times more traffic than if you are at the bottom of the first page.

percentage of traffic from google search - page 1 search traffic

Percentage of traffic from google search. Page 1 search traffic gets most of it!

But if you take shortcuts then you will pay for it in the end. As one day the search engines will work out you
are not playing by their rules and then you will receive no traffic to your website and no more leads.

Penguin Update - Major Traffic impact

Penguin Update - Major Traffic impact

There are 3 main factors influencing how much traffic your website receives from search engines (eg Google being the largest search engine). The biggest factor in growing your internet traffic is quality backlinks to your site. And the second is knowing, what terms people use to find your products and services you have for sale. Third being the inclusion of those terms/keywords strategically on your website. Not too many times – but just enough.

Top Up SEO Packages

Many people are just put off by ongoing monthly plans! So we created the TOP UP SEO Package.

The whole idea of a top up package is to give your website traffic a recharge. SEO is a great way to generate traffic
– but you are not the only one doing it! Your competition are also.

Google is a bit like the Main Roads department.
They do maintenance on the road and they change the flow of traffic often without notice.

Now your website is a bit like a car! Your CAR has minor and major services and so does your website.

The higher your competition, the more maintenance on your CAR, I mean your website requires. So give us a ring to discuss your SEO Brisbane options.

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