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Premium IT Solutions Joins GITC Approved Suppliers List

Being on the GITC Approved Suppliers lists provides many opportunities for Premium IT Solutions to enter into a commercial arrangements with Goverenment Departments . As an ICT Supplier to the Queensland Government via the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) Framework, we are able to offer a variety of services.

GITC Approved Supplier Services

  • Module 4 – Software Development & Modification
  • Module 5 – Software Support Services
  • Module 7 – ICT Contracting Services
  • Module 9 – ICT Consultancy Services
  • Module 7 – Internet Services
GITC Approved Suppliers Services in QLD

Member of the GITC Approved Suppliers List

We can provide the following staff and services.

  • Web Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Graphic Designer
  • Infrastructure Designer and Support Staff
  • Project Management Services
  • Point Solutions
  • Intranet and Internet Development and Support Services

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