Migrate G Suite to Office 365 Guide

Migrate G Suite to Office 365 Guide

With any migration, the more planning you do up front the less support you will need to do post migration. It is no different when you migrate G Suite to Office 365. Below is a high-level migration process to follow with moving off Google Apps.

Migrate G Suite to Office 365 Process

Migrate G Suite to Office 365 Guide

Identify The Infrastructure Phase

During this phase it is all about collecting information, so when you are performing the migration you know how the environment hangs together. As the last thing you want, is to be finding errors in the migration logs and having to delay the migration or even work fixing things once people have been migrated.

Preparing for G Suite Migration to Office 365

During this phase you are undertaking the necessary steps to connect you domain to Office 365 and synchronising Active Directory – the idea behind this is so you have a single set of user credentials for login.

Office 365 installation

We generally deploy Office to the client devices in preparation for the migration. There are a number of way to deploy Office to the desktops, laptops and phones. The larger the organisation the more automated this process needs to be. Small companies often take the approach to allow staff to deploy office themselves.

Test Migration

During this phase you need to have setup a co-existance of both G Suite and Office 365 email so a number of accounts can be migrated to Office 365 to test and validate the migration process and to confirm data and email it migrated from the G Suite setup to Office 365 environment.

During this phase you can migrate all user data and email after you have validated the test users – and still have your users operating off G Suite. Allowing you to plan and migrate only the new emails and data for the Go Live phase.

Go Live Phase with Office 365

If you have done all the planning upfront and undertaken a number of tests migrating user accounts and validated this prior to this phase then the migration should be a simple process and will require little support for the end users.

So in this phase remigrate all users data and emails from the previous window – so this should be a limited set of data. Update DNS records removing the G Suite records.

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