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4 Effective Business Development KPI’s for Your Website

Website KPI

Does your business development strategy utilise customer-centric key performance indicators (KPI)?Once you already realise that KPIs are essential metrics to evaluate the success of your digital marketing efforts anchored on your business website – then the next step would be to identify which KPIs would match your need to produce an effective business development strategy. […]

Australian Privacy Policy Template

Australian Privacy Policy Templates

All Australian Businesses require an Australian Privacy Policy. We have provided an Australian Privacy Policy template which can be downloaded and utilised on your website free of charge.. This privacy policy template contains and disclosures information concerning the types of personal data you may collect from visitors such as:website cookie collectionthe ways in which that […]

Help! My Website was Hacked – How to Fix Tutorial

Brisbane Services and Website Design Company - Premium IT Solutions

I think my”WEBSITE WASHACKED!”What Should I Do? If you see one of these messages on your website saying the website was hacked, then chances are you have malware on your site! Identifying an Infected Website “Website was Hacked – Example – How to Remove” http://Example.com.au/ hacked-website/ This site may harm your computer. This message indicates […]

Migrate G Suite to Office 365 Guide

Migrate G Suite to Office 365 Guide

With any migration, the more planning you do up front the less support you will need to do post migration. It is no different when you migrate G Suite to Office 365. Below is a high-level migration process to follow with moving off Google Apps.Migrate G Suite to Office 365 ProcessIdentify The Infrastructure PhaseDuring this […]

McAfee Coupon Code Australia & New Zealand

McAfee coupon code Australia and New Zealand

So, when you are looking for antivirus, anti-malware, firewall protection and privacy protect then you can’t go wrong with McAfee Total Protection. We’ve been able to obtain access to access up to 80% off without even needing a McAfee coupon code. To access these deals click on the promo code buttons below.Redeem Your McAfee Coupon […]

LeadPages alternative Thrive Architect

after a LeadPages alternative Thrive Architect maybe the answer

When running a business and you generate sales from your website, you really need to convert as many website visitors to customers and that is where LeadPages is awesome. But, there are new players in the market so that is why we created this article about LeadPages and Thrive Architect.LeadPages alternative Thrive ArchitectThe 4 menu items […]

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