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Conversion optimisation

Conversion optimisation for your traffic

You have worked hard to drive traffic to your website! You regularly update content across social media platforms and even run targeted paid search campaigns! Your website appears on the first page of a search engine when a particular keyword is searched! But all of this could be worthless if your traffic is not converting […]

Google Places for Business

google places

So you did a search on Google by including your location in the search box and Google has delivered its results. But the first page is dominated by local businesses and a map of your location indicating where they are actually located. The other results are way down the bottom of the page. It won’t […]

How does Google make money?

how does google make money

We all know how Microsoft makes money. Most of their revenue comes from the sale of their flagship products – Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office. But have you ever wondered how does Google make money? How is it really possible to make money when you don’t have any tangible products or when you don’t charge […]

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