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Digital Project Manager Top 10 Skills Required

We’ve compiled a list of top 10 skills required for a Digital Project Manager. A Digital PM is a little bit different from a standard Project Manager and is very different from a developer. A Project Manager is not the senior developer – if you need someone to write html or css then you’re after a developer not a PM.

A Project Manager controls, manages and directs projects from start to end. They are more concerned about Time, Quality and Cost than java script or .net code.

Digital Project Manager Infographic

digital project manager infographic top 10 skills

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10 Skills for Digital Project Management

  1. Follow a Project Management Methodology.
  2. Understand SEO - Search Engine Optimisation.
  3. Communication with Technical Staff and Senior Management.
  4. Ability to either create or provide direction on creating a Digital Strategy.
  5. Understand Email Marketing.
  6. Manage staff and the costs to provide a digital outcome.
  7. Understand Social Media and the various options available.
  8. Remember continual business justification on what the project is to achieve and can it.
  9. Have an understanding of Google Analytics as data always needs to be interpreted and communicated. At the right level for your audience.
  10. Understand the goal the client is wishing to achieve with the digital project.

If you need to upgrade or start your journey of a project manager here is a discount to get you started with project management journey.

Being a digital project manager is a fulfilling role and allows you to aid in creating a digital direction for an organisation. Remember a fit for purpose approach to project management is important as I've seen over the years many organisations create solutions which were too big or expensive or take too long to implement.

If you need a digital project manager to deliver a solution but you don't have the in-house skills or need an independent Digital Project Manager get in contact with us.

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