Finding Your Digital Agency - Tips for Small Business

Finding Your Digital Agency – Tips for Small Business Joining the Digital Gold Rush

Many small businesses can’t help but jump on the bandwagon of joining the digital gold rush - like in the Old West during the gold rush when news was just starting to spread about great opportunities and great wealth that rewarded pioneers who had the vision to take on the challenges and obstacles of going into the unknown. This is when you really need a Digital Agency to help you navigate through.

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Digital Agency Helping You Navigate Through Uncharted Territory

The promise of more business opportunities, success, and wealth has enticed many to try their luck and finally enter the digital age. They push on head strong, crossing valleys and rivers to reach their dreams with little help, with just hope in their hearts, and some information and little knowledge on their backs. Many embarked on a journey that ended in a thousand (mis) adventures.

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Tip #1 Know More About Your Destination

Getting to the destination is easy but once you get there surviving the wilderness and the day to day life and toil is another entirely different thing. Though once in a while there are some great stories of a guy that found his niche in the wilderness and is able to hit it bigger even on his own. It doesn’t exactly tell us what is really out in the digital world. These success stories are more of an exception than what is really happening for most.

More often than not people (and businesses with or without digital support) encounter all sorts and all kinds of problems that hamper business, slow down growth, and bog down opportunities keeping many people/businesses from reaching the success they hope for and deserve.

Many have driven to the digital rush with limited or no idea how to efficiently run the digital side of the business. Novice prospectors with no experience and idea about collecting and processing gold, eventually fail, run out of funds, abandoning dreams, end up doing something else to survive, while others disappear in the wilderness never to be heard from again.

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But there are also some worthy stories that are coming out from that part of the territory. These are not great or fantastic stories about instant success rather the stories are more about hard work, patience, perseverance, cooperation, ingenuity, and more willingness to take risks and try more new things.

Tip #2 Learn from Experience

This article seeks to share answers and solutions to the common problems and questions small businesses that enter the digital arena have encountered. Other small businesses that are considering to go digital are a bit fearful after weighing the experience of other small businesses. Some of the common problems that arise upon implementation of IT work:

  • The qualification of the right digital staff comes up as a question. There is difficulty in acquiring skilled professional staff that you can be confident will properly run the digital side of your business. They are very hard to come by and very costly to hire.
  • Maintenance and digital support needs are many especially at the beginning of a project or a digital transformation.
  • Who decides which and what is the best equipment and technology that you can afford for your business.

Tip #3 You Need a Guide Partner to Help You Navigate and Explore the Digital Wilderness

Many Digital Agencies understand the dilemma and situation small businesses are encountering as they try to navigate through the competitive digital world. As we think out of the box to bring the right solutions to each problem that is beneficial to all concerned, we will come up with one of the best and least costly solution.

Digital Agency Sherpa

Digital Agency is like a Sherpa

Constant supervision and updates can be provided as the Manage Service Provider (MSP) offers outsourced digital management services, routine maintenance and other necessary function that may arise through onsite or remote means. A digital partner offers Services, Terms and Partnership arrangements designed for the needs and digital requirements of a small and medium scale business.

You need an digital partner that considers your business uniquely and provides the right solution for you.

You will do well to hire a GITC-approved digital agency like Premium IT Solutions to meet your online needs at a fraction of the cost it would take you to hire in house qualified and experienced digital staff to cover the full lifecycle of your digital assets, from Brief, Design, Development, to Launch, Support, and Marketing.

You can start your digital journey the right way now. Contact us for an appraisal of your digital assets.