Is Your User Experience killing your Conversions?

Is Your User Experience Killing your Conversions?

user experience design killing your conversion

On Saturday I was watching the Today Show and saw a story about Tony Mott a photographer who had just released “Alphabet A-Z ‘N’ roll Photography” and I thought what a cool coffee table book. It’s got 450 pages and it seemed to be full of pretty cool rock n pic’s. But the online ordering process was killed by the user experience.

I did a Google search to find the website, as that was the only location that the book could be purchased from. I wasn’t exactly sure of his surname so that was my first problem, but I eventually found the website.

Is User Experience Costing You Money

With any website it’s hard enough to get website traffic, and when you do, you need to make every effort to convert that visitor. This is where the problem started in purchasing the book. As you have to complete an enquiry form and Tony then emails you back.

If there was a PayPal button or a credit card purchasing option I would have already purchased the book. When I completed the enquiry form, I asked what were the payment options available?

Within the hour Tony emailed me back stating what the payment options were. There were limited to say the least. Bank Deposit – yes only 1 option.

There are only 1000 books available and do you think by having a Bank Deposit as the only payment option it will kill the conversion rate?

Know Your User Experience with Funnels

With every traffic funnel you need to maximise the conversation rate otherwise you are losing money.

Tony had awesome PR by being on the Today Show, spruiking about his latest book. And he offered to sign the limited edition book, which made the book somewhat more valuable in the eye of the potential buyer. But the Payment process will definitely kill the sales of the book.

Within Google Analytics you have the ability to view the funnel process people follow to complete a goal. Now your goal may be to have someone sign up to a newsletter, create a user account or even make a payment.

User Experience defining the Goal Funnel in Google Analytics

User Experience defining the Goal Funnel in Google Analytics

When you have data like this, you need to use it.  As you may have pages on your website which just don’t convert well and you need to understand where in the funnel process are the leaks and people drop off.

So maybe it's time to improve your user experience by reviewing your Google Analytics data.

Need help reviewing your Google Analytics data, or even setting it up? Give us a call and one of our Google Analytics certified staff will be able to help you.