LeadPages alternative Thrive Architect comparison

LeadPages alternative Thrive Architect

When running a business and you generate sales from your website, you really need to convert as many website visitors to customers and that is where LeadPages is awesome. But, there are new players in the market so that is why we created this article about LeadPages and Thrive Architect.

after a LeadPages alternative Thrive Architect maybe the answer

LeadPages alternative Thrive Architect

The 4 menu items LeadPages has on their website are: 

  • Pricing
  • Templates
  • Features
  • Integration

So let’s compare the 2 products in these areas.

LeadPages and Thrive Architect Pricing

It’s a bit hard to compare apples with apples here as they are 2 different approaches. LeadPages hosts everything for you and you need to just create the pages and start directing website visitors at the pages. Whereas with Thrive Architect you have to have your own WordPress website and install the plugin and then create the page and start generating traffic.

  • LeadPages starts from $300 / year for the standard option - an annual subscription (Monthly payment of $37 / month if not paid upfront)
  • Thrive Architect $67

LeadPages and Thrive Architect Templates

The whole idea of both LeadPages and the alternative Thrive Architect is they both have tried and tested lead capture pages to save you the time. They have both been created by a designer with the focus on conversion. As it is easy to get caught up in adding sliders and other distracting elements on a page.
LeadPages has over a 130 free designs options - it is the clear winner here as Thrive Architect has about 30 and it is growing every day.

LeadPages Templates

LeadPages Templates a Whopping 130

Only 30ish Thrive Architect templates

Only 30ish Thrive Architect templates

LeadPages is the clear winner when it comes to the number of templates - but remember you can change the images, format and the placement of items in Thrive Architect - so it's not really much of a problem anyway.


They are both pretty much have the same capability which it come to functionality.

  • Payment Options
  • Integration with email autoresponders
  • Mobile friendly
  • Drag and Drop builder
  • Pricing tables
  • A/B Testing and Analytics

One thing I did like which was advertised on LeadPages was SMS messages - but you can do this with many email autoresponder tools.

Integration Comparison

Anything you can do I can do better - well this isn't really the case they both are very powerful and have fantastic integration. There is certainly some overlap between Functionality and Integration as they 

Integration of Thrive Architect


They are both very powerful sales tools, but if you are on a budget and already have you website build on WordPress then I'd recommend Thrive Architect. It's cheaper and has great functionality and integration with payment gateways and email autoresponders.