The death of Apple with iPhone 5C & S Pricing

The death of Apple with iPhone 5C Price

iPhone 5C price RIP

Apple has just announced the release of the iPhone 5C & S. The problem I have, IS WITH THE PRICING! The iPhone 5C was supposed to be at the lower end of the pricing market to compete with cheap Android devices.

Now this may be the case in the US where the iPhone 5C starts at $99 – and this is a great price. But what about world wide pricing.

iPhone 5C price in the US

Starting from $99 USD for the iPhone 5C in the US

In Australia the iPhone 5C starts at $739. What the!! On a Plan this could be less – but how does it competite with the cheaper Android devices at $739.

the iPhone 5C price in Australia is starts at $739

Starting from $739 USD for the iPhone 5C in Australia

The Australian dollar has taken a beating in recent times and is hovering around the 90cents.

So every AUD buys you 0.90 USD or there ish, depending on the day.

On those calculations the iPhone 5C should cost about $110 AUD. And people will say it cost more to transport items to Australia. This is a crazy argument as the iPhone as made in China.

So what does this mean to mobile phone developers! When Apple has approximate 15% of the mobile hand set market and with outrageous pricing . Who would consider developing a mobile app for the iPhone. Will you get a return on investment?

iPhone 5C Price

Yes I know iPhone users utilise their devices differently to Android users and here is the proof.

For a lead generation website that we manage – below are the Google analytics statics on the devices that visited the website.

More iPhone traffic than Android

That 2.5 times more iPhone traffic than Android

Yes somewhat astonishing, that there are less iPhones in Australia than Android devices yet the web traffic is 2.5 times more!

Either way as a website owner you need to know who visits your website and how they interact and the conversion .

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