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My Website Was Hacked – Google Thinks “This Site May Be Hacked”

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I think my”WEBSITE WASHACKED!”What Should I Do? If you see one of these messages on your website saying the website was hacked, then chances are you have malware on your site!Identifying an Infected Website “Website was Hacked – Example – How to Remove” hacked-website/ This site may harm your computer. This message indicates there […]

How to Become a Web Designer

how to become a web designer

A web designer is a person that possesses specific technical skills to be able to create the visual elements of a website such as its layout, colour schemes, text formatting, etc. They must have a comprehensive grasp of traditional design fundamentals and know how to use basic and complex design software. Additionally, an advanced knowledge […]

Do You have a Mobile Friendly Website Design?

google mobile friendly website design results

Have you checked your Google Webmaster Tools lately? Well it maybe time, as Google has started to send out messages to website owners about Mobile Usability errors. So do you have a mobile friendly website design? It’s important! To check you mobile usability – log into Google webmaster tools. This is assuming you have already […]

Business for Sale Brisbane – 13 Tips

small business for sale bribane

Have you seen franchises and small businesses for sale in the Brisbane area? Have you ever wondered what they include? Often they will include a website to generate the leads for you so you can convert these into sales. I know of franchises where the franchisee pays a marketing budget but they still have to […]

Creating Redirects with WordPress

301 redirect wordpress 404 error

We recently undertook a new project to built a new website for a client. Their old website was built with Dreamweaver and well it was not exactly optimised in anyway. I informed the client we would create a number of redirects from the old website links to the new links. All this means is we […]

Responsive Web Design 1 Size Fits All

responsive web design mobile behavior

​ When Google recommends responsive web design then you should really consider this. There are multiple reasons for this and they range from eliminating multiple URL’s (eg desktop and mobile website) and better meeting the needs of mobile users. ​Having a responsive web design enhances your SEO efforts by having all your users go to […]