Do You have a Mobile Friendly Website Design?

Do You have a Mobile Friendly Website Design?

Have you checked your Google Webmaster Tools lately? Well it maybe time, as Google has started to send out messages to website owners about Mobile Usability errors. So do you have a mobile friendly website design? It’s important!

To check you mobile usability – log into Google webmaster tools. This is assuming you have already setup Google Webmaster tools for your website. The click on Search Traffic and then Mobile Usability.

mobile usability mobile friendly website design

These Mobile Usability errors are associated to websites that are not overly mobile friendly. You know the site – the one that looks exactly the same on a desktop to a mobile device. And you’re unable to see the content on the website. Now if you don’t care about mobile users or care about use experience then you have nothing to worry about. But if you care about traffic from Google then you really need to bite the bullet and get cracking on fixing up these errors.

mobile usability errors mobile friendly website design

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Now if you have a WordPress site, then you’re in a good position. As you can easily install a responsive WordPress theme and with a few hours of configuring the website, you will have a mobile friendly website. Which is awesome! And you will be able to check your webmaster tool in a few days’ times and the errors should have disappeared.

But if your website was built in Dreamweaver or something like that, then it will not be as easy to resolve the issue. Your best option maybe to create a new website and potential use the same content and optimism everything.

Website traffic is hard to get I know – but if you don’t maintain your website then it will breakdown? Do you maintain your car? I get my car serviced every 6 months and I’m guessing you are pretty much the same. Websites are similar, they need regular maintenance and so does online marketing.

Well if you don’t have Mobile Friendly Website Design then be prepared for the Google update that will reward those websites that are mobile friendly and punish those which are not – ok, reduce the amount of website traffic non mobile friendly websites get.

non mobile friendly website design

Google is in business to make money. And they don’t want to lose market share. They believe that they need to provide the best user experience to people, otherwise they will lose business. That makes sense. And for Google to provide the best user experience they need to put website that are mobile friendly at the top of the mobile search results.

google mobile friendly website design results

Have you noticed when you do a search from Google on a mobile device that you have started to see “Mobile-friendly” listed beside the website? And now with Google sending out messages to website owners about the mobile usability issues – it’s pretty easy to see that there will be some changes in the not so distant future for mobile friendly websites.