Web Design Considerations, Are You Mobile Ready?

Web Design Considerations, Are You Mobile Ready?

We were doing a refresh on a clients website the other day, migrating them from an old none mobile friendly web design to a new responsive website. That allows for Click to Call, as more people are using their mobile phones to do searches every day.

mobile friendly web design

Check out your website traffic, and I bet you will be surprised at the number of mobile website visitors you get. You may be getting anywhere from 10% to 50% of your traffic from mobile devices. We manage a website that got 47% of it traffic on mobile devices in 2014. Now mobile devices includes mobile phones and tablets like iPads.

traffic from mobile friendly web design

Anyway, the website we upgraded gets a fair amount of website traffic that converts into individual sales above $25,000, as they work in the heavy machinery business. Considering they don’t do blogging and they haven’t made any real changes to their website in over a couple of years I thought they were going ok.

The main keywords for their industry they rank in the top 5 for most of these terms. However, 2 of them rank below 30 and these 2 pages rankings bounce around a lot.

web design impacting web rankings

So we decided to do a review of the content on the website. The pages that are not ranking on the 1st page are little over optimised, so we have rewritten the content on these pages. So it will be interesting to see how the rankings go over the coming weeks.

Mobile Web Design and Conversion Rates

Getting back to the website that get 48% of it traffic from mobile devices. This website does conversion tracking and they get  4.4% conversion rate which is not fantastic but it’s ok. However the conversion rates between desktop, mobile and tablets is pretty much equal.

But the thing I was surprised at, was the mobile devices types and which are getting the most traffic and the highest conversions. iPhones and the iPads are at the top of the list and have the highest conversion rates by a long shot. Next after this is all of the Samsung mobile phones added together. But either, way the iPhones and the iPads are the devices which have the highest number of actual conversions.

iPhone having the hiest conversion rate on mobile friendly web design

Conversion tracking is important and you should really do it if you can. However a mobile friendly website design is just as important and having a slick easy process for mobile devices to complete the required action is just as important.