#putoutyourbats Social Media Campaign

#putoutyourbats Social Media Campaign

google #putoutourbats tribute to phil hughes

The #putoutyourbats has been gone viral without any doubt! When Google has placed a tribute on the homepage for google.com.au then you know there is something exceptional going on. And when you see it in the Twitter Trends on Black Friday which is the biggest online shopping day then you truly know there must be something exception about Phillip Hughes.

#putoutourbats twitter trending phil hughes

#putoutourbats Twitter trending Phil Hughes

Arsenal FC ‏#putoutyourbats
Cricket South Africa‏ #putoutyourbats
#‏putoutyourbats india
Australia ‏ #putoutyourbats

Not only did he play cricket for the Australia cricket Test and 1 Day international but he was an all-round good guy. We thank Phil Hughes for the pleasure over Summers!