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Content Marketing: Content Distribution Strategies and Tools

In this modern age of SEO, there is one undisputed truth: content is king. So you pour your heart and soul in creating compelling content and then publish it, eagerly anticipating instantaneous boost in audience engagement and sales conversion.

But nothing’s changed. What now?

Whether you accept it or not, your content distribution tactics are flawed or totally non-existent, which can also be evident in the dismal numbers that showed up from your analytics tools.

You can still change it. Reach the right people through these 12 Must-Haves For Your Content Distribution Strategy.

3 Content Distribution Mistakes

First, find out about the top 3 content distribution mistakes marketers and advertisers make – and how to avoid them.

1. Bad Timing

An entire campaign that has been carefully planned and strategically positioned for release can be ruined even by just sending the wrong email at the wrong time.

Avoid timing mistakes by researching the best time of the day and best day of the week where the highest audience engagement happens and plan your content distribution strategy around it.

2. Inappropriate Targeting

Targeting the wrong people can make even the most epic content seem irrelevant and lacklustre, weakening your chances to achieve any kind of engagement from their part.

Avoid inappropriate targeting by developing buyer personas based on your current customers and prospects. This will enable you to create audience-centred content that provides answers or solutions to their pain points, motivations, and questions.

3. Inconsistent Messaging

Never sacrifice strategy in favour of volume. Whether you’re creating content for any distribution channel, social media platform, or your very own content hub, one goal remains crystal clear: creating content that provides the consistent brand experience buyers expect from your company.

Avoid inconsistent messaging by putting more time and effort in content strategy planning. This way, you can build an impressive volume of an equally impressive array of content assets with fewer resources and less headaches.

12 Must-Haves For Your
Content Distribution Strategy

12 Must Haves for Your Content Distribution Strategy

1. Social Sharing

It’s good that you already have social promotion as part of your content distribution strategy, but having a social media dashboard or marketing automation solution makes it easier to automatically share your new blog posts and content to your designated social media accounts.

  • Do recognize the incredibly short life cycle of social media post.
  • Do schedule your social promotion for multiple postings during the day, the day after, and the in the weeks to come.
  • Do not settle for a “one and done” sharing event.
  • Do set up your content for an automated promotion over a span of 30 days or longer.
  • Do strike the balance between informative and annoying post.

2. Company Newsletters

Genereate Company Newsletters on your Blog

A company newsletter has an already-engaged audience which makes it a useful content distribution channel. So send your subscribers periodic updates of interest to help you stay top-of-mind. Always put emphasis on your content when utilizing each of your newsletters – linking your readers to your latest written resource or digital media offering.

3. Email Signatures

Your email signature is as important as your latest and greatest content. Even if it would be highly unlikely that your target audience will be checking your blog each day for information or updates, your employee email signature can possibly be the #1 place where your company’s brand is viewed most often – so take advantage of it!

4. RSS Feeds

When it comes to content distribution, an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed can serve multiple purposes: from republishing your feed to other sites and automating social media postings to the most obvious one – enabling people to subscribe to your blog and getting it in their inbox.

Import and Export Rss Feeds to Boost Traffic
  • Put a link to your RSS feed and email subscription option to encourage visitors to subscribe.
  • Offer RSS feeds to each individual category on your blog to enable visitors to subscribe to the content they are most interested in.
  • Subscribe to your RSS feed so you can receive email notifications when issues arise, e.g. if the feed doesn’t update in the reader.

5. Curated Content Hubs

A content hub is a digital platform where you can aggregate or amalgamate all relevant, trustworthy, and value-laden content geared towards providing answers and solutions to your target audience into a centralised, mixed-media library. Integrate tools such as,, or Storify to curate your own original content or mix it with other people’s content.

  • Organise existing content into categories using
  • Put all your topic-specific content in a single location using
  • Highlight your content marketing efforts by creating a Storify issue around the topics you have researched and compiled.

6. Content Discovery Platforms

A content discovery platform is a wealth of opportunity for content marketers and advertisers to utilise the real estate at the bottom of your content page. It matches your specific written resource or any digital media offering with relevant and useful posts on other blogs, which can get your brand some great exposure on top sites.

7. Guest Blogging

If you’re not using guest blogging to distribute your content, know that it can do wonders to getting proper exposure with the right people. To maximise time and effort spent, identify other thought leaders and brand authorities in your industry and focus on getting them agree to have your content published on their site.

Of course, create content for the target audience of the host website. A well-thought out piece strategically placed on the host website can bring streams of referral traffic to your site and engagement with your own curated content.

8. Influencer Marketing

Create effective personas Market

Many content marketers and advertisers make the too common mistake of underestimating the power of earned media. The right influencer sharing a link to your content enables you to reach a wider audience and to obtain third-party credibility. Establishing a meaningful relationship with influencers in your industry can be the clean-up hitter in your content distribution strategy.

9. Employee Advocacy

Employees may be one of your most-overlooked marketing assets. Turn this highly untapped territory into your brand’s biggest advocates to help you achieve your brand goals and KPIs.

  • Create a transparent culture within your company built on trust and freedom.
  • Set brand goals and KPIs to tell you how your plan is performing.
  • Set clear, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-follow guidelines on what to share, how to share, as well as the list of rewards and/or incentives that employees can benefit from.

10. Public Relations

You already have the standard elements of a stellar content marketing campaign and content distribution strategy but you can surpass your own goals by having someone in your PR team pitch your content to trade publications and journalists.

Modern PR pros possess the right skills at ensuring your content distribution strategy can do exactly what it’s supposed to do: expand reach, drive website traffic, generate leads, boost sales conversions, and guarantee customer loyalty.

  • Build a media database that is chockfull of relevant information for your target audience and let public relations personalities blast out pitches and press releases about your content.
  • Search for your target media outlets’ editorial calendar information so you can look for topics that align with the content in your campaigns and widen your exposure to unreachable audience base.
  • Find associations and organizations in your network where you can collaborate and distribute your content through their sites, emails, and events.
  • Identify speaking engagements for your company leaders at industry events where your content can be used to put emphasis on your brand’s credibility, thought leadership, and expertise.
  • Submit your content to industry award-giving bodies that recognise excellence in marketing to extend your reach to new audiences.

11. Recycling and Repurposing

Quality Content is Crucial for Marketing

The main goal of recycling and repurposing old content into new and equally engaging written pieces is for maximum efficiency. After all, you worked hard to brainstorm for the right idea and topic, write an original and compelling content, and then strategically distribute it.

Tip: Look for your best performing content from an analytics standpoint and start there.

Recycling and repurposing content across mediums can extend your reach to a different audience and can help raise your reputation as an industry expert. Plus, it gives you both convenience and privilege to appeal to all your audiences’ varying ways of digesting content, without exerting extra time and effort.

12. SEO

Find the niche your content belongs to

A successful content distribution strategy has its own linchpin: SEO. The sooner you recognise and harness the SEO, the bigger the rewards you will reap from your efforts.

  • Documenting your SEO strategy is a wise move to keep focused on your priorities and goals to achieve, to stick to proven methods, and to reach performance measuring tools.
  • Meld together your content marketing efforts and SEO strategy so you can harness its combined powers to boost your search ranking capacity.
  • Systematic keyword research will ensure that your relevant, trustworthy, and value-laden content will reach those who will benefit most.

Tip: Use Christopher Baldock’s four components for evaluating your SEO efforts – volume, velocity, variety, and veracity.


Buyer independence is becoming more and more prevalent these days. Do right by your content distribution strategies and tools so you can successfully provide end users and existing customers a highly satisfying brand experience that generates desired results and makes all your investment and effort well worth it.