Need Google AdWords Help – Is your Account a Train Wreck?

Need Google AdWords Help – Is your Account a Train Wreck?

Do you know 50% of AdWords Accounts have not had any optimisation occur on them in the last 30 days and 25% of accounts have not been touched in the last 90 days? Also 1 in 4 AdWords Accounts have no negative keywords added to them. If this sounds like you then you may need some Google AdWords help otherwise you will be paying a premium for every click.

What this means is you are paying more then you need to be for each lead and ultimately reducing your profits. These are often the reasons why people fail with AdWords.

Google AdWords Help For SMB's?

The Google AdWords tool was not really build for small business owners, it was build more for larger customers or digital agencies with people who are very familiar with the Google AdWords tool. The reason I say this is, the default options will not provide you with the results the average SM Business owner will be happy with. And you just won’t really know what is working and what isn’t.

The default Campaigns in AdWords is Search Network with Display Select. All this means is you have selected the Google Search plus placing Banner Ads/Text Ads on websites. Google recommends this option for people who are new to Google AdWords.

Now picking this option will get you advertising in Google quickly but deciphering what is working and what isn’t is a nightmare. As all of your data is mangled in together.

We recently setup a new account for a client and 1 campaign with 11 AdGroups - each AdGroup had 1 to 2 keywords within it. It sounds like a lot work I know, as I set it up. But when you see Quality Scores of 8 to 10. Then this puts the client in a great position to pay the least amount of money per click.

Google AdWords is a tricky beast and it can cost a lot of money to get it right. A lot of new advertisers to AdWords believe AdWords is a normal auction process where the highest bidder wins. Check out the following video as this myth is Busted.

Now AdWords has become a little more complicated these days but the above video gives a pretty good look at how the AdWords auction works.