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Negative Keywords List

Here is a huge list of negative keywords that you should consider adding to your Google AdWords campaigns. Negative keywords can be great is reducing your Ad impressions and helping with your Click Through Rate and ultimately your Quality Score.   This Negative Keywords list is an example of many possible negative keywords you could […]

The Most Popular AdWords Keywords

The keywords listed in this section have the approximate daily cost as listed in the Google AdWords search network. This daily cost includes all match types. Eg. Broad, Phrase and Exact. Most Popular AdWords KeywordsKeywords and the Cost/Day car insurance $62,477.45 app $60,870.52 auto insurance $47,317.72 insurance $43,831.93 auto insurance quotes $36,523.00 online colleges $33,514.22 […]

Top AdWord Ad Buyers

Last year I generated a list of the Top AdWords Ad Buys. These are sites who generate huge incomes for AdSense – so they advertise AdWord ads on their website. This list of sites is the most popular sites that have Google Ads displayed on them. Domain With the Largest AdWords Buys ​ 1. […]

Top Adwords Spenders

I while ago, I generated a list of top spenders on Google AdWords. They are ranked by their daily budget on Adwords. Just click the domain of the website below to find out information on the keywords they use and what they use to advertise. 1. $359,171.44 2. $240,803.06 3. $207,762.62 4. […]

What an AdWords Consultant Does

As an AdWords Consultant we manage all sorts of AdWords campaigns, and we even under take them ourselves. We are undertaking a bit of an AdWords management campaign at the moment, to acquire more AdWords customers. We’ve created a lead capture page and undertaken a few tests on the page prior to it being launched […]