Why Is Content King? Why Quality Content Marketing Is Essential

Why Is Content King? 9 Truths As To Why The Royal Title Is For Keeps

The Content King holds royal court in the media, marketing, and advertising realm. The idea is true and very simple to understand. This principle has been around for a long time and was given a boost several years ago, revived and passed down like the “knowledge of the force” by the “Yodas” and “Kenobis” of the industry.

It is considered the Holy Grail, in blogging, advertising, content marketing and social media sharing for your business, product, or service. It reveals wisdom and the truth. It proclaims like a guiding light that shines on the path to success. It has gained respect and acceptance, revered and held dear by those who follow the footsteps of the masters.

The concept is, you can attract the attention of possible customers or get a flow moving from your target market to your business using brilliant, informative, relevant, witty, and fun content, designed to be interesting as possible to capture and cultivate your audience’s trust.

The content king principle then takes all these opportunities to build a clientele, and convert customers to loyal faithful followers who are nurtured enough with confidence to recommend your products or services to others.

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Misconceptions of Content Marketing

As with any power set up, there are some who question the Content King wisdom, not because it is wrong. They question some of the limitations and disappointment they encounter as they face their quest for success.

Like the words of great sages from the past, the context and meaning are more often not fully understood, misinterpreted, changed, or lost through time, especially if it experiences sudden phenomenal and exponential growth of followers that eventually brings their own ideas, understanding and interpretation that unfortunately lead to misconceptions and some difficulty to fully grasp the potential of using consistent and attractive content along with all the complexities and twists of running a content marketing campaign.

Sense and Sensibility

No one should expect the king to run everything by himself nor is content alone the answer to guarantee success.

The king and his kingdom will never last in such a mindset, though this issue is kept secret, neglected or not openly discussed.

A sensible approach to the dilemma makes it clearer that content is just a major part of a bigger package and should be expected to be assumed by a content marketing practitioner.

The Content King’s Royal Court

The King often surrounds himself with people, preferably the right people to properly perform, run and manage the different functions and activities of the realm to ensure the kingdom’s success and growth. The same holds true for content marketing.

Ministers and Royal Advisers can be compared to your Set of Goals and Strategy.

You will have to study the industry or the business you are in, your customers, your target customers, the market, the regular and online market potential and a plan on what to do to convert all these efforts to sales. Having the right targets will help you formulate your content that fits your target audience and objectives.

A Herald can be compared to any form of Promotions. Many believe that content is enough and any small-to-medium enterprise is not expected to compete with large businesses. Lack of formidable budget should not constrain you from thinking out of the box and stop you from whatever inventive or inexpensive form of promotion you can think of that positively points to your business as the preferred brand.

The Queen can be compared to your Product or Service. It is so much better and easier if you have a fantastic, unique product or service that works and is sought after. But if you have competitors you must present your product or service as attractive as possible with competitive price and terms to charm and captivate your possible customers. You can Cement your customer relationship by supplementing it with complementary information, and providing wonderful stories about your product and service in your content.

Spy / General is the means to collect, process, and interpret the data from your sales, distribution and production line, while you take a look at your competitors. Finding out what is the latest and new development in your business can help you make proper adjustments in your overall strategy and specific tactics.

Sharing the latest development through your content will surely be appreciated by your followers.

Countess/Courtesans represent the customer service side and other services you provide to please your customers. A satisfied happy customer usually goes and helps spread a positive impression of your business online or through word of mouth.

Your Wizard represent the IT management side of your business, has the knowledge of efficiently running and maintaining your whole IT set up. Knowledge in SEO and user search keywords, help you to properly structure your content to help you reach out to more people to let them know the message that you are trying to spread.

Even if you are a one-person business functioning as all members of the king’s court, or a large company actually employing specific people with specific functions, you need to know - How does the kingdom keep the royal title for the content king?

Here are 9 truths on why is Content King, making it worthy of the royal title

1. You Can Target Keywords People Use to Find Your Products and Services

Search engines now use content to determine what your page is about and when you should show up in search results.

Keywords strategically placed in your home page, web title, and the body of your blog post can help your target customers find your brand.

2. Your Content Allows You to Show Your Knowledge

You have to present yourself as the expert to go to when your buyer wants to acquire a product or service you offer.

Excellent, carefully crafted, unique content that prove your knowledge about your business elevates your credibility in your industry’s eye and gains you stature before your potential clients.

3. Your Great Content Gets Shared

Content-led outreach to generate interest and engagement with your content is the key to grow your traffic.

So you’ve got great content to share. Great! Start the ball rolling by running an outreach campaign and place your content where it can reach your target customers.

4. You Can Repurpose Your Content

Your great content now does not have to be just for now – you can repurpose content over and over again to newer audiences over time by altering the ways it is shared.

You can recreate your blog post into:

  • A video
  • Create a Podcast
  • Write an Article
  • Create a Presentation
  • Guest Blog Your Article
  • Create an Infographic and Slice It up

You can do all these and more with just one content, to share on social media and provide you greater reach.

5. You Can Provide Specific Content That Increases Targeted Traffic

If your content subject matter is popular you need to find a way to stand amid hundreds of thousands of content available online.

Content marketing has been proven more effective if you don’t write for everyone and instead write content for your target audience. Specific content helps your potential client can more quickly find you when they search online for your product or service offering.

6. You Can Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness converts your buyers into loyal customers.

Increasing buyers’ familiarity with your brand can be facilitated by creating relevant content that address their needs, as well having an engaging content marketing plan that attracts viewers attention and gets them to ask for more from you.

7. You Can Grow Your Email List and Increase the Email Engagement Quality

The Email, the original internet app for business, is still a crucial tool for today’s online marketer. It’s a popular and effective means to connect with your customers, whether to introduce your brand, product, or service, or keep in touch after a purchase.

The more personalized the content of your electronic mail, the more potential it can increase the engagement quality with your customer, enough to convert them into loyal brand customers who will be your ambassadors within their circles, thereby increasing your brand awareness.

8. You Can Plan and Create Your Content Strategically with a Content Calendar

The correct digital marketing can win you audiences to raise your voice above the din of thousands of voices on the internet saying pretty much the same things.

A content calendar helps you organise and keep track of your content marketing plan, to better reach your ideal customer with the right information about your brand, your product, or service.

9. You Can Create Shareable Assets for Links and Better Google Ranking

Since the 2012 algorithm updates Google ranking has been more user-oriented, giving results that are more relevant to what the user intent actually is, thus making link-building more challenging for marketers.

Your shareable assets on your website are not only the words you post, but also include photos, infographics, videos, podcasts, and other downloadable links. Providing such share-inducing content gives Google a heads up that your site is important and pushes you up in the search engine results page.

Content is king as a principle for your digital marketing strategy will help you make your brand, product, or service more influential and therefore more preferred by the subjects of your efforts – your pool of potential clients or customers.

A digital agency like Premium IT Solutions can help you provide a killer content marketing to get you the traffic, leads, and paying customers you deserve. Call us for a consult.

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