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How Facebook Marketing is Changing in 2016

Facebook is continuously growing with over 1.44 billion monthly active users, 1.25 billion of these are on mobile alone. This is equivalent to 20,000 users on Facebook every second. These numbers make a valuable site for digital marketers and Facebook being the biggest social network functioning now, whether they are promoting a service or product or conducting market research.

Recently, Facebook has been enhancing the experience it offers to its users without leaving the site to allow them to access a wide variety of content. For instance, Facebook has input a significant amount of time and resource into developing its cross platform mobile app to help 581 million Facebook members who get the network through smartphones and tablets. Video content is being got on the go as a constant source of entertainment with 75% of Facebook videos happening on mobile devices with this specific percentage to raise following the introduction of live video streaming to match Twitter’s Periscope.

Facebook Marketing in 2016

Facebook Promotions 2016

Google and Facebook  have similar algorithm technologies to helps personalise results by adding current news stories and posts that are popular to users timelines and search results.

Companies now have the ability to communicate via Facebook messenger privately with its customers, enabling them to have private, real time conversations. Facebook is attempting to fight companies using Twitter direct messages with its customers. Additional advancements to the messaging facility contain ‘M’, a virtual helper through users can reserve tickets, buy products and get endorsements without ever leaving the service.

Facebook is extremely valuable to marketers becasie of the user data Facebook collects.

Facebook is increasing the total amount of content stored on the platform through services such as Instant Articles and Canvas. Instant articles is Facebook’s effort of keeping users within the Facebook ecosystem whilst providing news and blog posts. Publishers should careful consider the benefits of publishing content external to their website.

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