5 Must Have Social Media Manager Skills

5 Must Have Social Media Manager Skills

5 Must Have Social Media Manager Skills

Finding the right Social Media Manager with skills that match what your brand needs is tricky business, to say the least.

The Social Media Manager has developed from being an afterthought-requirement once a social media account is set up, into a very important and integral part of every business, every company and every organization.

Social Media Manager Skills Required for Small, Media and Big Business

Small-scale, medium and big businesses alike now require the services of full time or part-time social media managers. A social media manager is expected to properly manage social media accounts to achieve the overall digital marketing strategy A social media manager must have multiple skills to help the brand compete with other social media-savvy competitors and reach out to target audiences or communities.

How do you find the right one for you? Before you hand over your brand’s social media account passwords to the next hire, here is a quick checklist of 5 must-have skills for an effective social media manager.

1. Digital Marketer

First must-have is a basic to advanced digital marketing skills. The Social Media Manager needs to have an appreciation of how content marketing, search page results, and social media tie-in together to achieve digital marketing goals of the company.

digital marketing social media management team

It is very important that your social media manager is completely in sync with the strategies to realise your brand’s vision.

Only then can your digital marketer confidently begin to formulate your brand’s social media strategy – specific goals, tactics, tools and platforms to use, target audiences, and all the things needed to attract and keep the loyalty of the target audience.

2. Leader - Problem Solver

The effective social media manager is a leader and problem solver. Your team member must have the skill to provide quick solutions or remedy for customers, minimising delay and avoiding breakdown in the ability of your business to make sales.

social media planning sessions

Agile Social Media Planning Session

As your frontline go-to-person on the social media world, your social media manager must be as effective as a manager in the office whom clients directly seek answers from, inquire about services offered, address complaints, and attend to other customer concerns.

This Social Media Manager must have the ability to either act independently as a leader and problem solver, all the while informing company management of what higher supervisors need to address.

3. Writer Creator

The social media manager takes on another hat – that of a content marketing writer-creator. Journalism know-how will have your manager post content the way the online audience wants to see content – in easy-to-digest bites much like the news, grammatically flawless, and fluidly written.

content creator

The writer-creator must always write with visuals in mind, adding, if not creating, graphics complementing great content about and by your brand.

In addition, a Social Media Manager is required to have a formidable knowledge of the key techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) when posting content to maximise the impact on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Instagram, Google+, and You Tube.

4. Trendsetter

The Social Media Manager needs to know what is happening in the constantly developing world of social media, and in the “outside real world.” As trends come and go digital marketing opportunities continuously open up driven by application and technological development.

It is the task of the social media manager to be on the lookout for such trends, subjecting to scrutiny and test new tools, apps and new trends that may create a positive impact on the growth of the brand.

5. Community Manager

Social media managers also need to act as community managers. This management must-have demands great interpersonal skills so managers can understand and relate to customers and audiences.

The manager must have the know-how to juggle between posting interesting facts and information, engaging the brand community, and placing into good light the brand message.

The community manager’s job requires patience, friendly demeanour to carry on with conversation and respond to negative feedbacks.

Social Media Manager Job

The Social Media Manager job can be rewarding and exciting especially if the company is working like a well-oiled machine with the right coordination, properly implemented strategy, targets reached, and growth rising on the charts.

The job is not that simple and goes beyond a basic understanding of scheduling or hashtag searching. It is not as easy as many outside of the digital marketing world might think. It’s a very demanding job that requires a lot of skills and uncanny abilities.

It is literally a multitasking job that uses different management models that work or a tweak here and there for those that have been proven effective means to drive traffic to the brand.

The social media manager must have these 5 skills to develop new ideas and different approaches to tackle new challenges that ensure the brand’s welfare is being diligently and properly presented in the digital world.

With this checklist you can find the right one for you. If you need more help, Premium IT Solutions can make the selection easier. Contact us for a consult.