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Social Media Checklist Marketing Activities

The social media manager needs effective daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly habits to successfully run social media campaigns. So we've compiled Social Media Checklist to keep you on track for success.

The many hats worn by the social media manager demands efficient use of time to accomplish the multiple tasks required, from daily content curation to engagement with customers or community members and monitoring brand mentions to keeping an eye on the competition, from weekly data analysis for goal setting to monthly collaborative work with team members – all these and more need to be laid out following a schedule to avoid missed opportunities for brand awareness, growth and sales.

The following To-Do Checklist of Marketing Activity done by a social media manager is a  rundown of what actually works for our social media experts.

Social Media Checklist

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This social media manager checklist may be modified to suit your unique business needs but the itemised list is generally true for most social media management requirements.

As you use the checklist you will need to review if and how you are able to tick off everything on the list so you can assess your social media work.

How effective are your habits on social media? Let this social media checklistcount the ways for you.

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