Content Calendar Infographic - 10 Rewards of Keeping a Content Calendar

Content Calendar Infographic – 10 Rewards of Keeping a Content Calendar

Why would you need a content calendar when your already doing digital marketing? Checkout the infographic below and you will quick understand the importance of planning.

Scenario #1: You have been marketing your products and services online for some time and have met some successes in driving traffic to your site by publishing great content. However, you realise the creation and publishing of such great content takes up so much of your time that you tend to neglect other aspects of business development. You need help to be more efficient with time used for content creation, publication, and sharing.

Content Calendar Infographic

Content Calendar Infographic


Scenario #2: You are so overwhelmed with all the work needing your personal attention that you find yourself unfocused resulting in your blog publishing becoming sporadic, and your writing is not anymore as great as it was when you were starting your company blog. You decide to hire team members to help you more regularly create amazing content for your website, get these published and shared regularly, and get back on the right track. How do you organize the team output based on your digital strategy?

Your business marketing requires a digital strategy to help you realise your vision for your company. A digital strategy requires the publication of unique content the fits your brand, around a schedule that would allow you to reach your ideal customers. Enter the content calendar to help you and your team to commit to your content marketing goal.

What is a Content Calendar?

A Content Calendar, also known as a Content Marketing Editorial Calendar, is a schedule of WHAT content you will create and WHEN.

It is a listing of topics, titles and ideas of content that you would like to publish and shared at a particular time for your business.

The content calendar is shared among marketing teams to help businesses plan, organise and implement strategy for their content marketing activity.

The calendar contains the channels and resources required for each item. The calendar organises all information for easy access by the team at any time.

The calendar helps the team visualise how your content is distributed throughout the year.

There are many templates available that let you and your team visualize all the things you want to accomplish in a specific amount of time. The calendar can be in a weekly, monthly, quarterly and even annual plan to accomplish your content marketing goal.

This team activity is very important from start to finish because it helps you prepare and manage your research, your planning stage, up to the implementation of your digital strategy.

10 Rewards of Keeping a Content Calendar

So you’ve decided to have your own content calendar to guide your team. Here are some of the rewards of keeping this schedule:

1. Having a content calendar helps you focus on issues and topics you want to share to fit your brand image.

2. You don’t forget to create content relevant for holidays important to your industry.

3. It also helps you prepare for any coming event, seasonal cycles and sudden development in your industry.

4. You can hold your product or campaign launches timed with the best seasons for events in your industry.

5. You can assign your writers based on their schedule and field of content expertise so you get their best output at any time.

6. You can assign members of your team to other calendar tasks such as publishing on the website or sharing on social media when they are not writing content.

7. Publishing dates indicated in the calendar help copywriters evaluate the needed time to create content and do more research when necessary, or when another writer is better suited to the subject matter expertise.

8. You can assign a specific channel where your particular content would be best promoted to reach your target audience.

9. You can also tweak, rearrange your content for optimisation and at the same time help adjust which you think will be most appealing depending on what content, where, and how it is shared is preferred by your audience and make content, channel, and schedule adjustments based on these analyses.

10. The content calendar facilitates brainstorming that lets you and your team generate great ideas for titles that also help create funny, interesting, awe inspiring, relevant, informative, engaging content that brings in potential customers to your site and keep your audience coming back for more.

As with any schedule, a content calendar is quite difficult to keep. Your team needs to commit to it. Refer to it daily. But the rewards of keeping this schedule will more than make it worthwhile in terms of your business growth. 

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