Tracking Website Optimisation at all? Why would you do that?

Tracking Website Optimisation

Tracking Website Optimistation

Are you tracking your website conversations?

Is your organisation currently tracking website optimisation ROI? Is ROI even a primary driver for your website optimisation efforts? Have you ever tried to make changes in your optimisation efforts basis on your findings? If the answer is no, what is preventing you from doing so?

Website optimisation is fast catching attention of marketers with its potential to deliver dramatic gains in online ROI. An important step towards website optimisation is evaluating your website optimisation process using tracking tools and testing to monitor the digital footprints that visitors leave when they visit your website.

Analytics Review of Your Data

This data analysis can allow you to harness unprecedented consumer insights to design your website that precisely addresses the needs of the visitors to your website. Website optimsation can noticeably change your company’s bottom line.

The cost of website optimisation largely depends on your objectives, the type of market within which your business is operating, the value of your products or services and the competition. In addition, the growing trend of using ‘Pay-per-click’ advertising and the advantages that this activity can deliver has also increased the overall cost, though this provides very targeted and cost-effective marketing campaign. The cost per lead from traditional sales channels can also give you some idea of what you can invest on the web and what returns you might expect.

So What Options are Availbale?

Here we give you an idea of the main options available to you if you want to get your website established on the main search engines as soon as possible. The Return on Investment (ROI) and the cost of each option will depend on your objectives and the intensity of the campaign.

Link Building

Link building can be particularly important to help a website become established and grow its organic search. Websites can benefit from links from other relevant sites both in terms of link popularity and additional traffic. The downside is the duration it takes for a link building campaign to give tangible results – this can range from 3-6 months depending on your niche and your competition.

Link building can be the stand links for article they can be from social networks. Linkedin, Google+, Facebook etc. However as a general rule of thumb links from articles help your search engine ranking more.

Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click

The cost of using ‘Pay-per-click’ advertising tools like Google AdWords will vary depending on your chosen search terms, bid prices and traffic volumes. This can give you a flexible way to target your spend and measure the cost-per-lead from each source as you only get charged once a user visits your site. This can be costly if not managed well; also your traffic will only be maintained as long as you keep your account in credit.

There are many cost effective options available to get traffic to your website. If you are interested in this please contact us so we can create an appropriate campaign for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is web’s largest growing sector in terms of time spent by individuals on various social networking sites by posting comments, sharing and building conversations. Business can not overlook social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ or Twitter that has immense advertising and promotional opportunities. Well designed social media marketing strategy can offer a great return on your investment by community building, branding and visibility, or ad-driven website visits or sales. Today it is used to monitor a business’s online reputation; a constructing conversation can ensure a positive presence for your business.

Email Marketing

Another great way to sustain traffic to your website is from previous customer. Have them Opt In to a mailing list so you can continue to provide valuable information and future opportunities for further sales.

We utilise a number of email and text messaging services for our various websites and customers to continue to communicate. With these services we create automatic messages which are delivered a sequence. For Premium IT Solutions website we utilise Aweber as the back-end auto responder service.

There are many othr oppertuinies as well as being sponsored ad on similar related sites email campaign.

Tracking Website Optimisation

Web Analytics is critical in measuring the results of any web promotion program. You need to understand where your traffic comes from, where they go, and more importantly …is there any return on your investment (ROI) or are you simply wasting your money?

The ultimate goal of business is improve the bottom line and conversions have a direct correlation to the bottom line of any business. Your website is a powerful tool for gaining conversions and you need to engineer your website to encourage conversions. Conversion rate optimisation can improve a website’s ability to turn visitors into customers.

To measure your success you need to create Goals within Google Analytics to know if, when and how your investment is tracking.

When you plan to implement search engine optimisation for your website, it should be just part of your overall marketing spend. Online business cannot sustain just from search engine optimisation alone, you need to consider any investment on website optimisation as just a part of your overall marketing cost.


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