Which Is Best Facebooks Ads or AdWords Infographic

Which Is Best Facebooks Ads or AdWords Infographic

As the battle between Google Adwords and Facebook ads continue, all e-commerce advertisers and small business owners find it difficult to determine which pay-per-click advertising option is best option for them. So which is the best Facebook Ads or AdWords? It's a tough one.

Both platforms, being the two most powerful pay-per-click advertising options around at the moment and they have their own unique advantages. If extremely precise ads is what you need, Facebook ad has targeting options that can deliver them. On the other hand, keywords that are carefully researched are Google’s strong point, enabling marketers to make targeted decisions to reach their specific user audiences.

So Which is Best Facebook Ads or AdWords for Your Business?

is Facebook or AdWords best infographic

There are a Lot of Options Available when Advertising - So Is Facebook or AdWords Ads best for Your Business?

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This article will provide useful information about Google Adwords and Facebook ads to help you make the right decision for your business.

Targeting Capabilities

With Facebook Ads, it is possible to build a targeted ad for your ideal customer because of its set of impressive targeting options to create the right profile according to gender, age, location, interests, and much more.

With Google’s ads, targeting options is a little bit different. Marketers rely on having their ads displayed depending on the industry-related keywords they chose. It means they have to take a chance on a specific keyword in order to gain visibility amongst their target audience. However the Keyword Planner within AdWords provides details on volumes of traffic and the average Cost Per Click.

Ad Design

Traditional ad displays is something Facebook is known for while Google ads utilises the Google Display Network, geo-targeting and a variety of additional functions and features.

Cost to Play

Google Adwords are generally more expensive than Facebook ads, simply because it is considered as the premier online ad platform. Its widespread acceptance among many business owners makes its keywords quite in demand, which results to higher prices.

On the other hand, it would only cost around $0.45 for every CPC (cost per click) for a Facebook ad. Of course, if there is bigger competition for your target audience, the Facebook ad price will also get more expensive. Alternative pricing options from Facebook ads include CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPA (cost per action). If you use CPM, for example, you’ll still be guaranteed wider exposure among your target audience, but at a much cheaper price than if you use CPC.

With Google Adwords, you’ll generate higher volume of traffic if you opt for broader keywords but these people will be less targeted. Google also offers CPM but it is limited to certain advertising campaigns only.

Targeting Used For

Facebook ads are used to target audience based on their geography, demographic and interests. It reaches the right people based on the targeting you have set.

Google Adwords, on the other hand, takes advantage of keywords that will most likely be used by your potential customers. It cannot see the user’s personal profile or what the user ‘Likes’ but it relies on the user’s existing interest on a particular product or service to be able to be converted.

Conversion Rates

According to a recent study, there is a 0.04% CTR (click through rate) for Facebook ads on the side bar while a 2.09% CTR is generated for ads on Facebook news feed. These numbers may seem unimpressive but results can be seen if done right.

But if you want higher conversion rates, you’d be pleased to know that there is an average 3.6% CTR for Google Adwords ads when used by merchants on their pages. Obviously, the reason is that the target audience are those who are already interested in particular product or service.

Within the Google Search network, we often see 20% or higher on highly targeted keywords. One of the problems is often search volumes are low.

So Are Facebook Ads for you?

If and when used to support your company’s business page, Facebook ads are your best bet for more B2C relationships. Besides, Facebook ads take advantage of all information from the social network so for example, a specific page gets more credibility in the eyes of a specific user if his or her friend likes the page.

Moreover, Facebook ads are also the most accurate advertising option when you are targeting audience based on their demographics, likes, interests and other factors.

OR Are Google Adwords for you?

Relevance is something Google Adwords ads prioritise when it comes to being seen in search engines. Its target is people who are already actively looking for something in particular. No wonder Google’s ads always have high CTR because it already displays the thing that the user is after at.

Google Ads can also be displayed in different websites so it can widen your base audience.

So Which are Best Facebook Ads or AdWords?

They are 2 different advertising platforms - where Facebook is interruption marketing and Google Search AdWords is keyword targeted marketing. Both platforms provide retargeting options and are equally effective.

There is no simple answer to this question but you need to advertise where your customer hangs out. As different industries have different success levels on each platform.

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