4 Effective Business Development KPI’s for Your Website

Website KPI

Does your business development strategy utilise customer-centric key performance indicators (KPI)?Once you already realise that KPIs are essential metrics to evaluate the success of your digital marketing efforts anchored on your business website – then the next step would be to identify which KPIs would match your need to produce an effective business development strategy. […]

How Facebook Marketing is Changing in 2016

Facebook is continuously growing with over 1.44 billion monthly active users, 1.25 billion of these are on mobile alone. This is equivalent to 20,000 users on Facebook every second. These numbers make a valuable site for digital marketers and Facebook being the biggest social network functioning now, whether they are promoting a service or product […]

More Google Coupon Codes

Google Apps coupon code to receive 20% off

Looking for Google Apps coupon codes? Follow the instructions below for a discount on Google Apps programme. Get a Google Apps coupon code to receive 20% off the 1st Year 1. So here is the link to use the coupon code https://goo.gl/L9DyXm)2. Plus here are the instructions redemption instructions.3. Be quick as these coupons expire in six […]

Social Media Trends 2016

Watching out for Social Media Trends in 2016 will definitely keep your business on it’s toes as the half-a-decade platform is quickly replacing more traditional communication and media channels. So we’ve put together a “Social Media Trends 2016 Infographic”, as everyone loves an infographic.The newest terms of online business mean reaching potential clients via Facebook, Twitter, […]